Living at Chapter House

Welcome to P.E.O. Retirement Living

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The Colorado P.E.O. Chapter House offers P.E.O. Sisters and couples (and those recommended and sponsored by a P.E.O.) retirement apartments and suites for long-term residency. If you are looking for a quiet, charming residence surrounded by nature and wildlife, but central to all that Colorado Springs has to offer, you will find the Colorado P.E.O. Chapter House a wonderful place to call home.

Easy, Independent Living

We offer only independent living, and provide no medical care or assistance. However, all the residences and common areas are on one easy-access ground level, light housekeeping is included, and transportation may be arranged.

Living is easy and casual, with breathtaking natural wooded views and gardens tended by volunteer P.E.O. Chapters out every window.

Three meals a day are served in the main dining room, where you will enjoy the company of the other residents, and occasionally, groups of Sisters from area Chapters.

Since 1966...

The Colorado P.E.O. Chapter House has served as an independent living facility for P.E.O.s since 1966. The residence was built on former parklands that were once the first homestead in Colorado Springs. In 1997, the residences were remodeled into apartments and large suites with updated kitchenettes and baths. For more about the story of the Colorado P.E.O. Chapter House and its historical setting, please go to the HISTORY page..


Natural Beauty

Located just over the ridge from the five-star and historic Broadmoor Hotel, the Colorado P.E.O. Chapter House is one of the best kept secrets in town. Its wooded 8+ acre setting is nestled into the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain, with Cheyenne Creek running between us and the road. Cool breezes from the creek and surrounding green spaces provide the feeling of being in the mountains while being in the heart of Colorado Springs, minutes from downtown.

Available Residences

Efficiency Suites

The 525 square foot suite is perfect for someone who wishes to keep life simple. In one spacious room, which can be furnished and divided as you wish, is a small kitchenette with microwave and mini-fridge, a seating area for visitors or watching TV, and room for a bed and dresser on the opposite end. A roomy closet faces a small dressing area across from the separate full bathroom. More storage is provided in a very large closet on the outside wall. Sliding glass doors give a second entrance, accessing the patio and garden...and great outdoors! An extra storage space under the carport is included for efficiency suite residents.

One-Bedroom Apartment

In 1997, the Chapter House was remodeled so that the small "bed-sit" rooms were combined to make suites and apartments. The 820 square foot one-bedroom apartment has a spacious bedroom, dressing area, closets and full bathroom set off from the main living area with a pair of pretty French doors. The main area has room for seating, TV area, dining table and a kitchenette with extra storage, microwave and mini-fridge. Sliding glass doors access the patio and garden area, next to a very large storage closet. The view from every apartment is different, and changes daily. Each apartment is as individual as its resident; the decor dependent on the resident's own furnishings and taste.


3 meals a day

Included with the rent, Chapter House serves three meals a day to residents who dine together in the main dining room. We have great cooks! Our style is fresh ingredients, home cooking and no mystery meat!

Our mid-day meal is our main meal of the day, with a lighter supper served at 6 p.m. Breakfast is served from 7:15 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and can be as full or light as you wish. Often, Bed & Breakfast guests will join residents at breakfast, providing interesting conversation as the travelers enjoy our home and community.

Light Housekeeping

Residents are responsible for the tidiness and cleanliness of their own rooms, with a little help from our staff housekeeper who dusts, vacuums and does light cleaning of the kitchen and bath on a weekly basis. It's not maid service, but it helps keep everyone organized and worry-free.

Utilities & Cable

All utilities are included in the rent, except for your personal telephone. Basic cable is included (Comcast Xfinity) but upgrades for more channels is a personal choice and expense. Water, heat, light, and trash service are all included.


Laundry area

Residents have the use of the washer and dryer located in the middle of the residential wing for all their laundry needs. With only seven residential spaces, scheduling is left to the residents to decide among themselves. A pick up laundry and dry cleaning service is also available.

Private patio

Suites and apartments have lovely patios with garden space, which may be planted and decorated by the resident. Sliding glass doors in each unit provide easy access to the outdoors and beautiful light to stream into the living space.

Covered parking

Our carport provides worry-free parking for residents and some staff. Protected from the sun and the elements, your vehicle is welcome. Even in the worst snowfall, most vehicles will only be lightly dusted with snow.

Guest Stays

Our Guest rooms, which are the size of an average motel room, are available for P.E.O.s and their guests for a $50 a night fee. However, guests of residents may stay for just $40 a night, which includes breakfast for all. Guests may also sometimes stay in the resident's room. Additional meal rates are available.

"Some Call It a Senior Sorority House!"

Residential accommodations are set up for independence and gracious living. Each resident has an in-room thermostat to control heating, which is provided by sturdy boilers. Security is provided by alarm systems to the Chapter House entries and an emergency response system which automatically calls paramedics with the push of a button, supplied to be worn or kept near to hand.

The common facilities and grounds are open to all residents. P.E.O. -centered events include dinners, parties and meetings, which, while designed not to interfere greatly with residential schedules, often provide lively entertainment. Activities with Sister residents are available to be scheduled, but your personal independence is never an issue.

BILs Welcome, too.

A BIL (Brother-In-Love!) living with a P.E.O. is welcome, too. An additional fee for meals is added.