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A recommendation adopted at the 1958 convention of Supreme Chapter provided for the appointment of a large committee to study retirement homes and to consider the feasibility of establishing a P.E.O. Home on a regional or international basis.

In the following years several state P.E.O. Homes were established. They were all state projects. The houses in Mount Pleasant, Iowa; in Alhambra and San Jose, California; in Knoxville, Illinois; in Saint Joseph, Missouri; and in San Antonio, Texas are now closed.

Still open and fully operational are the homes in Beatrice, Nebraska; in Caldwell, Idaho; and in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The home in Alhambra, California is now considered a former P.E.O. home.

The Colorado P.E.O. Chapter House was purchased by Colorado State Chapter and was opened October 1, 1966. It is not a nursing home. All residents must be medically independent. The Chapter House is financed by monthly resident fees, bed and breakfast receipts, gifts and endowments, and $2.00 per capita from the dues of all Colorado P.E.O.s as well as by donations resulting from activities held there.

The Chapter House is located in a beautiful nine-acre park in the scenic, southwestern area of Colorado Springs. Many cultural advantages are available to the residents in this area of the city.

Following are the addresses of the other P.E.O. Homes that are providing services:

P.E.O. Chapter House
114 E. Logan Street
Caldwell, ID 83605

Nebraska P.E.O. Home
413 North 5th Street
Beatrice, NE 68310